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Belarus Travel Guide

Introduction to the Belarus Travel Guide

Belarus travel can be a wonderful experience. Belarus is rich in culture and history, relatively inexpensive and not yet over-run by tourists. However, because English is not common and information is not widely available, Belarus travel can be challenging for the first-time visitor. This Belarus Travel Guide goes into depth to give Belarus travelers much of the information necessary to get here and get as much from the visit as possible. The pages of this Belarus Travel Guide offer information about visas, accomodation, sightseeing and transportation for Minsk and the rest of Belarus. On the bottom of each page of the Belarus Travel Guide you will find a comment box. Your suggestions will help us to develop the Belarus travel guide to be an important source of travel information for Belarus travel.

Arriving in Belarus
Belarus travel allows you to experience a different world. Belarus still clings to the Soviet past and has a very different atmosphere compared with neighboring countries, such Lithuania. In fact, a trip to both Lithuania and Belarus, two ex-soviet states and very close neighbors, is a remarkable experience. Lithuania has rapidly become very Western-oriented while Belarus is still very much Eastern-oriented and you feel the difference instantly. (The contents of this website are copyrighted by, the Europe Travel Guide).

Clearing customs and the border to Belarus can be stressful, but foreigners usually have an advantage: Belarusian boarder guards rarely speak English. Most of the time, they look quickly at your passport and leave you in peace.

Checking into your hotel may be unpleasant. You may not feel the warm welcome you would expect at a hotel reception desk. Don’t take it as a sign that you are not welcome. Most hotels in Belarus are state owned and customer satisfaction is not the priority on their minds. However, enter a restaurant and the attitude is very different.You will be welcomed at the typical restaurant and treated with a high level of service. Why the difference? Most restaurants are privately owned and their survival depends on customer satisfaction.

Geography, Climate and Lifestyle
Belarus is a relatively flat country. The difference between its highest point and its lowest point is only 264 meters. The highest point at 346 meters above sea level is Dzyarzhinskaya hill, located in Minsk Province, named after ‘Iron Felix’ Dzerzhinsky the founder of the KGB. The lowest point in Belarus at 90 meters above sea level is Nyman River, one of the three major rivers of Belarus. (the other two are the Prypyat and the Dnepr. The Dnepr is Europe’s third longest river after the Volga and Danube). Forests cover approximately 47% of the country. This makes Belarus the 7th most forested country of Europe (behind Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, Russia, Estonia and Austria) and the 37th most forested country in the world.

Belarus weather is extreme; extremely pleasant in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. The average temperature in Minsk in January is -7 degrees Celsius; however, temperatures of -25 or -30 are not unusual. So if you go in winter be prepared! The average temperature in July is a mild +17 degrees Celsius.

To get an idea of standard of living, the United Nations Development Program creates a Human Development Index (HDI) which is composite index measuring average achievement in three basic dimensions of human development—a long and healthy life, knowledge and a decent standard of living. In 2004 the HDI of Belarus ranked number 67 out of 177 countries measured. For comparison Mexico was 53, Brazil 69, China 81, Turkey 92 and Egypt 111.

You will certainly notice that police are everywhere. In the streets, in the shops, on almost every corner there is a policeman walking around or flagging down cars and making controls. However, you will likely never be approached by a policeman. Other than pick-pocketing, we do not hear about much crime in Belarus. This is not to say it doesn’t happen, it probably does as in every large city. While we do not know the statistics, we assume that the crime rate in Minsk is probably similar to or lower than in most cities of a comparable size.

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European Visas Guides and Tips You Must Know

Europe can be partitioned into three regions. The European Union, European Economic Area and the Schengen Area. These 3 regions cover and nations can be individuals from mutiple.

In the event that you enter a Schengen country you get a Schengen multi day visa – as a rule. Kindly check and twofold check this data, we put forth a valiant effort to give a harsh aide for the principle identities visiting Europe.

The Schengen region is the biggest with 26 nations and incorporates all EU nations aside from the UK, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. Sweden, Norway and Switzerland are additionally important for the Schengen region. Individuals of most ethnicities will be granted a multi day visa that is legitimate for all nations in the Schengen zone which implies you have 90 days absolute regardless of whether you jump between part nations. It is important that there are no land borders with intersection customs across a large portion of the EU with the principle ones being into and out of the nations recorded previously. Monico, San Marino and the Vatican City aren’t individuals from the Schengen region however have no hard boundaries with encompassing nations.

Visa rules for nations not in the Schengen region are adequately something very similar, regularly permitting 90 days travel at a time in that one country. To reset your Schengen visa you’d need to leave the 26 nations and travel to a non part, for example, Romania and so on recorded previously.

On reemergence you can for the most part guarantee an additional multi day visa, yet you can ony do this once like clockwork or 180 days, twice in a year.

Essentially, if following 90 days in Europe you wish to remain, you’ll need to trade to a non Schengen country or nations and stay there for 90 days before you can get once again into the Schengen zone for anotther 90 days. Bode well ? Thought not.

We energetically suggest Romania, we lived there for a very long time, go there.

On the off chance that you hold an EU visa, you are allowed to travel, work, and live, in some other EU country. Brexit is as yet unsure, British individuals will probably lose all priveledges if Brexit occurs. Kindly check all visa data for Europe completely as it is extremely perplexing. Try not to accept this site as an authoritative aide, we’re simply giving you a concise outline.

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