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Looking to hook up in an unfamiliar city? This quiz will find you the best casual dating app.

There are lots of dating apps out there. You might think it’s always best to just use Tinder, but depending on what city you’re in, or what kind of sex or relationship you’re after, this might not be the best hookup app. So which one should you use? That’s not an easy question to answer. Thankfully, there’s a solution. You can now take a short quiz over at Hookup Apps VIP (, and they’ll sign you up for a hookup app that matches your preferences, and one that will actually work.

You’re guaranteed to find sex or a casual hookup with this app. Just choose the city you’re in, what kind of sex or relationship you’re seeking, and the kind of women or men you’d like to meet, and they’ll give you the best dating app. The best thing about these apps is that it’s the best hookup apps because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of them. So you can be sure to find the right hookup app for you.

Take the hookup quiz

So what are the different kinds of hookup apps? To find out, take the quiz!

There are a lot of different dating apps out there. Some you’ll be able to swipe right for, or you’ll have to like someone’s photo for them to like you back. Others are strictly a hookup app. The reason we like this quiz is because it takes a little time to make it through all the apps.

And the best part is, you’ll get a free trial to whatever dating app best matches your preferences. You’ll even be able to read some customer reviews for each app. But if there’s a dating app that’s really a good fit for you, you can easily upgrade to a premium membership.

If you’re looking to hook up in an unfamiliar city, this is the most convenient way to find a hookup app. The quiz will sign you up for a hookup app, and send you to their hookup partners on a daily basis. You’re guaranteed to hook up or find sex in your city.

Our Recommended Hookup Apps

With the help of Hookup Apps VIP and our own experience and research, here’s our personal favorite hookup apps.


This app is all about casual hookups in cities, so if you’re looking for a hookup in a big city, like New York, or Boston, then you’re going to love this app. There are over 100,000 active accounts and you’re guaranteed to find a hookup.

It’s one of the most popular hookup apps out there. So if you want to be on a hookup app that a ton of people use, this is your best option. This app is great for people looking to meet women, but it’s also great if you’re a woman looking to meet men.


No list of hookup apps would be complete without Tinder. This app was so popular, so quickly, that Tinder had to change their algorithm.

But if you’re looking for a good hookup app, then this is your best bet. This hookup app works well for those who are looking to hookup with women, but also men. So if you’re looking for a hookup with a man or a woman, then you’ll love Tinder.


If you’re looking for a hookup app that works like Tinder, Match is a great option. This app is also available on iOS and Android, and like Tinder, is completely free.

They even have a lot of the same features, so if you’re looking for a good hookup app, then this is your best option. They have over 1 million active users, so if you’re looking for a hookup app that’s popular, this is the best option.

Final Thoughts

All three apps have been working well for us, and if you’re looking for a good hookup app, any of these options will work. These apps are great for those looking for casual hookups in an unfamiliar city. If you’re unsure about which app to use, we can highly recommend the hookup app quiz from Hookup Apps VIP, which will save you a ton of time on trying different apps.

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Best Sex Apps To Find A Hookup On The Go For Travelers

There’s a lot of dating apps out there, but if you’re on vacation in a new place, or you’re a frequent traveler, you may be wondering what’s the best one to find a quick casual connection or date with someone local to the area. 

We’ve tried some of the most popular apps in our travels around the world to see which ones work the best. If you’re on the go and looking for a good casual dating app, then read on to find out which you should use.

Why use a sex app?

Casual dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel are popular because they provide the people on them with an instant connection to a potential date. If you’re on a date with someone new, you don’t have to worry about sending a few messages. They already know what you look like, and you can share your instant attraction. 

For travelers, though, finding someone to hook up with when they’re not quite ready to start anything more than a date can be a bit more challenging. Many dating apps are a great way to connect with someone, but you have to get to know them first. And they don’t always work out for a casual hookup.

To find a hookup with someone local, it’s important to be direct. By using a sex app, you’ll more likely find what you’re looking for.


AdultFriendFinder has a large, international user base, which shows that people are looking for new connections in different countries. While the interface for this app looks like a crudely translated chat room, it has a good amount of resources on what’s popular in the area. 

The best part is that it’s very easy to chat with users, since you just have to click the message tab, which works similar to other Tinder-like apps. You can message all users, even if they aren’t in your area.


HUD now has a travel matchmaking app to help you connect with locals and see what’s happening in your neighborhood. If you’re traveling the world and looking for a lasting connection to help make your time abroad worth it, then I’d recommend putting HUD on your phone’s home screen. 

HUD pairs travelers with other travelers so that you can both have a new friend in common on your travels. You can then chat, get to know each other better, and if things are meant to be, you can then make plans to meet up when you’re in each other’s towns. 


While the app has exploded in popularity, Tinder is still one of the best, even for busy travelers, who often use the app to get together for some easy quick one-off dates to get to know new people quickly and decide if a hookup is on the cards. If you’re looking for a casual sex date, Tinder is great for that. 

It’s like an online version of going out on a Friday night, but without all the hassle of actually speaking to someone for several hours. If you’re looking for a casual relationship, you’re going to want something quick, something fun, and you’re going to want it to be quick and easy. Tinder is the best way to go, and will give you a quick snapshot of the locals in your area, many of whom are looking for hookup.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison offers up to 60 million members worldwide the opportunity to find others for social and extracurricular activities. There’s lots of options here with different themes to cater to all tastes and budgets. You can find tons of online dating profiles with a community in the app to find love. The app can be a little hard to navigate for the novice, but there’s a community of people here looking for love.


Hinge helps you connect with your local friends in your area. To sign up, you have to put in your hometown and a handful of other cities. You have to fill out your profile a bit, but there’s a community of people nearby to connect with. You have to message people within the app and you have to connect on a level, but it’s great to find a quick, casual connection.

In Conclusion

These sex apps will all get you in touch with people who like the same things you do, and who are just as happy meeting up for a drink or dinner before some casual sex, or maybe just a one night stand with no strings. All of the apps will get you matches, and most are easy to navigate, though some have more options than others.

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