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Greek Phrases

Want to connect with the locals? Impress them by a few Greek phrases! We suggest learning a few simple words or phrases that you can use in everyday life!







Kali Mera – Good afternoon

Kali Nikhta – Good evening

Kali Oreksi – Enjoy your meal

When having a drink-YahMas (to our health) YaSou (to your health)

Parakalo – please and you’re welcome

Afredasto – thank you

To Logarismo, Parakalo – Check please

Ti Kanis - How are you?

Kala Emai - I am fine

Poso Kani - How much is??

Nay - Yes

Okhi - No 


To add a romantic Greek feel to your vacation learn a few of these Greek phrases that you can whisper to each other while enjoying the beautiful Santorini view or walking the magical streets of Mykonos.


S’ Agapo – I love you

Filakia – Kisses

Polla Filakia - Many kisses

Agapi Mou – My dear/my love

Eassai Omorphi - You are beautiful!

Glykos, Eassai - You are sweet!


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