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Europe Travel Guide: Before You Travel Europe, Consult 'Travel Europe'!


The two main tourist destinations in Russia are Moscow and St Petersburg. Of the two St Petersburg is more attractive, charming and affordable. But the center of political and economic power lies in Moscow.  If you could only pick one city to visit, we would suggest St Petersburg. But since they are only 5-7 hours apart by train, it is easy to visit both. Trains in Russia are comfortable and affordable.


Travel to Russia is exciting and challenging even for the most experienced traveler. But Russia is probably not the place that most westerners expect. Many are prepared to to find a 3rd world country, with poverty and decaying infrastructure. While this may or may not be true in some provincial parts of Russia, this is not what you will find in Moscow or St Petersburg. These cities are developing at rocket speed. They are shaking off the decay from the communist era and are quickly renovating.


Most foreign nationals will require a visa to enter Russian. In order to obtain a visa an invitation from a travel agent is generally required. Sometimes invitations can be obtained directly from the hotel that you are booking with.


To see a video of St Petersburg and Moscow, together with some Baltic States (make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off) Click Here .