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used to be controlled by the former Soviet Union, but has entered into the EU and is westernizing at a rapid pace. One might now consider it the new frontier. West meets east in Poland.  


For the traveler Poland is a very attractive destination. Services and infrastructure, such as trains, taxis, airports and hotels are very good. Travel is not expensive and bargains abound. Visas are not required for many western citizens. But the challenge for the traveler is the language. In general, Polish people do not speak languages other than their own (i.e.Polish). To be sure, in hotels and good restaurants English is common. But in shops, buses, train stations, small cafes or on the street, English is very rare. If you need help, ask an 18 year old. They are more likely to be able to speak English than a 40 year old. This is because for just over a decade, English has been required in most schools. Before the early 90s Russian was the foreign language required of most students.