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Minsk Restaurants

Minsk is not world famous as a fine dining location. However, the selection of restaurants is actually quite good - we enjoy the restaurants much more than we enjoy the hotels. The greatest selection is located around Nezavisimosty (former F. Skariny), the central street of Minsk and most of the restaurants listed below are located in this area. Most of these restaurants will have menus in English upon request.

Maxi Bis: Conveniently located in the center of Minsk on the corner of Nemiga and Prospekt Pobedy, you can easily trsognize it by the carved minument on the building (see photo). Maxi Bis can be chaotic but the food is cheap and good. A meal including meat, potatoes and vegetables plus a 0.5 L glass of beer can be had for around $5. They also offer some very nice cakes for a desert. But the main advantage for foreigners is that the food is served buffet style, so you can just point to what you want. This is the place for those on a budget or those who want a quick, quality bite to eat.

Akropl (Acropolis): This is one of our favorite restaurants in Minsk. While the food is supposed to be Mediterranean, it is probably not. But, it is consistently delicious and the service is top quality. The restaurant offers live music in the evening. Located at 17 Svobodi Sq, Minsk directly across from Maxi Bis.

Il Patio: Tasty Pizza and beer in Minsk? Yes! Patio Pizza makes great pizza ;in a casual dining atmosphere. Don't miss their unfiltered beer Baltica 8! Be prepared to wait for a table on the weekends. Located on Nezavisimosti Ave (Former Skoriny Ave).

TGI Fridays: New to downtown Minsk is TGI Fridays. This is probably the first franchise restaurant in Minsk other than McDonalds that will be recognized by many foreigners, so it might be of interest if you want to go somewhere familiar. However, on a recent visit, we found the food to be priced on an international standard, meaning about twice as much as you would pay for equivalent meal elsewhere in Minsk. The food was the usual Fridays fair of Burgers, Ribs and Fajitas. But paying $10 for a burger and fries in Minsk just does not make sense to us. Hopefully this will change when the newness of the place wears off.

Planet of Sushi: Top notch Japanese cuisine in Minsk. This restaurant offers excellent service and a wide menu that includes sushi, tempura and teriyaki. This place is a bit expensive for Minsk, but worth it. Located on Nezavisimosti Ave (Former Skoriny Ave).

Bergamo Italian Restaurant: A bit out of the way, the only restaurant listed here that is not located in the center. The excellent Italian food is worth the taxi ride. While the food is well prepared, one of our visits was in winter and while we ate well, we nearly froze. Ask to be seated near a heater!
Rakovski Brovar: A microbrewery in Minsk offering home-made beer and traditional Belarussian cuisine in a hunting lodge type chalet. This restaurant is so huge that it even has a no-smoking section. Centrally located behind the Nemiga shopping center on a street so small you probably won't find it if you don't ask someone. Vitebskaya 10.

U Fransiska: Centrally located cellar cafe/restaurant. International and Belarusian traditional cuisine. Nice ambience, mostly good service.  Located on Nezavisimosti Ave (Former Skoriny Ave).  
Beze: For coffee and a nice choice of cakes in a central, pretty atmosphere this is the place to come. In most Minsk restaurants, you will find the service to be pleasant, in Beze you will find waitresses with an (arrogant) attitude. Beware Located on Nezavisimosti Ave (Former Skoriny Ave).  

Pechki – Lavochki: Nezavisimosti Ave (former Skoriny) 22., tel +375 17227-78-79, 227-61-02. Open 08:00 - 24:00. This centrally located restaurant offers delicious traditional Belarusian cuisine as well as cuisine from other Slavonic countries! Here you can try draniky (potato pancakes), schy (cabbage soup), machanka (meat stewed in broth), kalduny (traditional potato pancakes with meat stuffing), pancakes with caviar and many other traditional dishes. Prices are average ranging from 4 to $15 per dish. The interior design resembles a traditional old Belarusian village house and even includes live chickens that live in a small house under the ceiling. Service is usually very nice.