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Night Life in Minsk Belarus

Minsk has a good variety of night clubs to keep you busy and entertained in the dark hours. What differentiates Belarusian clubs from those in other countries is that most of them act as both club and a restaurant. Until very late at night you can choose anything from a variety of hors d'oeuvres and main dishes to keep you charged and active. Sometimes, for the price of your meal the show and disco is included. However, sometimes there are cover charges, espcially on the weekends. The cover may depend if you would like to have a seat at the bar or a table. And often the price differs for men and women. (Guess who pays less!) On Monday most clubs are closed. Usually Minsk clubs have strict dress codes particularly about shoes; do not wear sneakers or shorts. The show programs is usually only on Friday and Saturday nights and will last about 1/2 hour. The entertainment can be anything from striptease to an animal act or singing and dancing.

Sphera Dzerjinskogo Ave 77a , tel.+375 172 07 47 40 Though the club is not centrally located it is worthwhile to check out. Sphera is built on two levels. The upper level functions as a restaurant with tables and chairs and cool transparent floor. On the ground level there is a dancing floor, bar and comfortable stylish sofas with small tables for you to take a break from the action. The crowd is mostly young from 18 and generally under 30. Various show programs on the weekend mostly dancing and striptease. Prices for drinks are average; service is not very friendly. The club is not big and gets quite crowded on the weekend. Sphera also offers a bowling room. Prices: Weekdays: up to $5 Weekends: $12-15

West World Club Storojevskaya 15a, tel. +375 172 93 16 16, 34 12 48 Centrally located near Belarus Hotel it is however a 10-15 minutes walk from the metro station. It is a combination of nightclub, restaurant, casino and is a very popular entertainment center. Locals call it i shaibai or 'hockey puck' because of its shape. The big dance floor can hold up to 1000 people. Offers a show program and go-go dancers every day. The age of the crowd is a bit older, mostly in 20s to 40s. Entrance fees range from $4 for women on weekdays till $12 for men on the weekend. Open: 20:00-06:00 Mon: Closed

Max Show Nezavisimosti (former Skoriny) Ave., 73 (Akademiya Nauk Metro station) +375 172 32-00-38, 07-38-05. Centrally located in the Oktyabr Cinema. Quite spacious. The show program is mostly striptease show (or sometimes drag show) that would be considered by many to be vulgar and quite low quality. Very often people from the audience are encouraged to participate in the show or undressing competitions and those who are in the right stage of drunkenness often do so. The club is quite popular. Admission fee depends on the day of the week $5-$12. Open 21.00 - 6.00

Bronx Masherova 17/1, (drive from Chicherina street), +375 172 88 10 61 It is one of the most exclusive clubs in Minsk. Entrance is expensive (from $15), and depends on the day of the week and show program. Prices at the club restaurant and bar are high. Interior is stylized to create an American gangster atmosphere of the 30s. The club has billiard hall. Note: in addition to the strict dress control they have face control as well. Open on the weekend 12:00-05:00, 12.00-2.00 weekdays, restaurant till 24:00 and till 5.00 on Saturday

Restaurant Club Gudvin Nezavisimosti 19, tel. +375 172 261306 Very centrally located on Nezavisimosty (former F. Skariny). It is built on 2 levels. Dance floor and the stage are on the lower level. Service quality is inconsistent and can be quite low. Offers show program on Th,Fr,Sat. Restaurant opens at 12.00, club music starts about 23.00. In the evening everyone is charged entrance fee. Open 12.00-5.00

Restaurant Club Juravinka (Kupaly, 25 tel+37517 206 69 13) After 23.00 the restaurant operates as a nightclub. It is very large and offers a variety show. It has a bit more elegant atmosphere than many of the discos mentioned above. Entrance fee $5-10. Juravinka also offers bowling and casino.