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It is hard to imagine that just over a decade ago Lithuania was a Soviet country. If your travels do not take you outside of the center of Vilnius, you will find it difficult to uncover anything soviet about the place. The airport is warm and inviting. Most westerners do not require a visa and the typical traveler will clear passport control in a flash with just a short queue and a quick stamp in the passport. Even more impressive than the airport however, is the level of comfort the traveler can expect.  The hotels, restaurants and shops are certainly at western level or beyond. Dining in Lithuania is a pleasure and hotels, though typically charging western prices offer much more than one usually expects in western style chain hotels. We always enjoyed the best of services in hotels and restaurants and feel that we have never eaten badly. Restaurants offer excellent dining at surprisingly low rates. In short, this country has attained western standards in lightning speed. Come to Lithuania to be pampered, come to Lithuania to be impressed.




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