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Hydra is a small island located about 1 hour from Athensport of Piraeus by hydrofoil (fast boat). If you have come to Greece for only a few days and want to divide your time between Athens and an island, this is the one to choose.  It is a very pretty little island, with a charming port and some nice restaurants, bars and cafes. The best part is that cars are not allowed. This is possible, because the inhabited part of the island is so small that everything can be reached on foot. This is probably not a destination for a long stay, however, as the selection of things to do is not large. To see a video about Hydra Click Here . We do not agree with the statement that Hydra is the most picturesque Greek island, in our opinion, that honor goes to Santorini. But Hydra is certainly worth a visit. To see the island's website Click Here .