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Health Matters in Belarus

Medical Attention

If you are in Minsk and require medical treatment, there are several Medical Centers that are used to working in English. You can call them by dialing 060 and you should get an English-speaking operator. Ecomed is the Medical Center that Embassy and other foreign workers visit. Cost of treatment will depend on the specialist that you are visiting, but a typical 15-minute consultation may cost between $20- $40. (The contents of this website are copyrighted by


In our experience, the level of medical treatment at these clinics is actually quite good. We have had medical check-ups, blood exams and dental work done at Ecomed Center. The service was good, but we noted that there are no English speakers at the reception desk. Another strange thing is that they take no credit cards and will expect you to pay in cash immediately.  If you visit a Belarusian doctor don't be surprised if you leave with a stack of prescriptions for several medicines. Medical approach in Belarus often involves treatment with traditional pharmaceuticals plus herbs and vitamins.


The general telephone number to reach emergency medical assistance is 03.



There are several 24 hour-pharmacies (Russian only) in Minsk:


Drugstore No. 13 with extended business hours,
16 F. Skorina Ave, tel. 227-48-44

Drugstore No. 36 with extended business hours,
11 Shevchenko Blvd, tel. 213-97-43

24-hour medicine kiosk—“Preston-market” store,
153a Bogdanovich St., tel. 288-47-34


You may want to review the CDC (US Center for Disease Control) recommendations for vaccines for travelers to Eastern Europe. You will probably find that it is not much different than recommendations for travel to Western Europe.

Fitness, Beauty and SPA facilities in Minsk

Beauty Salon Lady Gadiva: If you want to pamper yourself and have a beauty salon experience when in Minsk we recommend Lady Godiva Beauty Salon. Centrally located at 38 Nemiga Str. this salon is not only known as one of the best Belarusian salons for its high quality services but is also well known for its castle-like interior and magical atmosphere. The variety of services offered include facials and other cosmetology treatments, pedicure, manicure, massage, day spas, hairdressing, make-up etc. You will be treated like a king or a queen at this luxurious beauty palace and definitely will enjoy this experience. Polite and friendly receptionists as well as almost all the salon personnel speak English. Prices can be considered comparatively high for Belarus (basic pedicure is from 30 dollars, facial from 60-70 dollars) but are a bargain for the west. To watch a video about Lady Gadiva Salon click here or at the picture. Have a look at Lady Godiva website.

Hotel Minsk Fitness Club: The Hotel Minsk lets non-guests use the fitness club for a few dollars per visit. During the evening hours, the gym can get full, so a reservation is recommended.Another advantage is that everyone at the hotel speaks excellent English.