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Greece Travel Guide

Greece is a traveler’s paradise. The weather is temperate. The people are very friendly and outgoing. The food is very different than you find in other countries, but easy to adapt to and enjoy. The roots of western civilization are deep here and one can spend hours in museums and historic centers. There is an endless variety of natural beauty. All of this makes Greece one of the most beloved travel destinations in Europe and possibly the world. The goal of this Greece Travel Guide is to give the traveler to Greece an overview of some of the most popular destinations in Greece.


The best time to Travel Greece is Mid-September to Mid-October. During this period the weather is generally pleasant and the tourist population has begun to decline.  The next best time to come is June, before the massive tourist invasion has begun, but then the sea waters can be quite cold. In the period of July to August, much of rest of Europe travels to Greece for summer holidays and tourist destinations are packed, prices are much higher, and the temperatures can be sweltering. Contrary to what many people think, Greece is not a great destination in the winter months. Greek winters weather can be very mild one day and then blistering cold the next and many of the tourist destinations are nearly abandoned, with very little in the way of infrastructure. 


Another reason to avoid the high season, is that many Greek hotels require cancellations up to 30 days before arrival. If you arrive and find you do not like the hotel you have booked (and this has happened to us) you may not be able to do much about it. For this reason, it is often best to book for only 1-2 days and then look around. However, you may not be able to do this if you arrive in the peak season of July or August, since in popular places such as Santorini or Mykonos, hotels will fill up. 


The Travels Wise team recently traveled to Greece at the end of the tourist season to experience the change first hand. Click here to read, When is the Best Time To Travel Greece ?




Typically the frequent way to get to the islands is with Ferries. Travel by Greek Ferry is typically a great pleasure. They are usually ontime and comfortable. Although, in rough weather, many people can experience sea sickness. Some Greek ferries can be very basic and others very luxurious, with dinning rooms, vip rooms with bars and lounges. It is also possible to book sleeping compartments which can be very comfortable. Many budget travelers sleep in the reclining chairs or even outside on the deck.  Greek Ferry travel can be fun and adventurous, but it is not for everyone. Also, these days, there are discount Greek airlines that can be less expensive than Greek ferry travel and this should be considered (see Agean Airlines on the page European Discount Airlines).  Greek Ferry schedules often are not published until a few weeks before departure.


Online Ferry Schedules:


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While we will focus on Athens and a few of the Greek Islands, there so many destinations that one could consider, just a few include:

* The
Peloponnese: The southern most part of the Greek mainland, filled with historic destinations such as Sparta, Olympia, Epidavros

* Thessaloniki (Salonika): The 2nd largest city in Greece, located in the north.

* Delphi and Arahova: The site of the ancient oracle and a nearby picturesque town

* Meteora: Towering rocks, many with a monestary built on top.

* Mt Athos (Ayion Oros): The center of the Greek Orthodox Church. Like a Greek Vatican but for men only.


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