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is the biggest island in Greece, and is nearly the same size as the island of Puerto Rico or Cyprus. Crete is a major tourist destination, responsible for 15-20% of Greece’s tourist trade. The main city,  Heraklion,  suffers from the same urbanization problems as Athens does (see Athens review). For most people, Heraklion is not a prime holiday destination. To see a video of Heraklion Click Here


Heraklion, is however, home to the major airport and harbor of Crete. If you travel to Crete, it is likely that you will travel through Heraklion. Many hotels are nearby. Unlike many of the other Greek islands, Create does not have a well developed public transportation system. Therefore, due to its size, if you come to Crete, be prepared to either rent a car, or spend your entire holiday within the boundaries of your hotel resort.


To be sure, Crete has some very interesting tourist destinations that are well worth traveling to see:


One of the most important is Knossos, which is thought to be the Palace of Minos and the labyrinthine home to the mythological Minotaur (half man / have bull). To see a video of Knossos Click Here


Chania is a lovely Venetian style port city. Small, but charming it is highly recommended to make a day trip to this village. To see a video of Chania Click Here


Rethymno is a lovely port town with remarkably well preserved ancient buildings dating back to the 16th century. Well preserved ancient buildings are unusual in Greece. Its castle is one of the best preserved in the country. To see a video of Rethymno Click Here




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