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Bern is a lovely city. The Swiss capital is named after bears (from German "Bär"), so bear is the city's mascot and the animal is featured on Bern's Flag. When visitng Bern you can encounter the real live bears at Barengraben or the Famous Bear-Pits. They are located on the right side of the  Aare river accross theNydegg bridge (Nydeggbrucke). You can watch a short video of the bears by clicking the screen below:

Bern is famous for its 15th century arcades, or covered side-walks. Arcades are sort of medieval shopping malls. When they built the city, they extended the second floors of the buildings to cover the side-walks on the ground floor in order to protect them from rain and bad weather. Lining the arcades on one side are shops, cafes and restaurants. On the other side are a series of columns and arches which give the arcades and the city a charming appearance. While many European cities will have some arcades, Bern's are everywhere.

There are also old and usual fountains which date back to the 16th century decorating the streets of the city. The fountains have interesting figurines or statues on the top. For example, there is lady Justice, blind-folded and holding her scales. This is the obvious one that everyone understands. Another is a figure of a Bear in a helmet no doubt giving homage to warriors of ancient times. Yet another is the famous Kindlifresser or child eater. Legend has it that this fountain stood guard at the city limits to warn children not to leave the city or they meet a terrible fate

The large clock tower ("Zytgloggeturm") is perhaps the most striking thing in the city. It seems ancient and imposing. We saw a crowd gathering a few minutes before the hour, apparently waiting for the clock to chime and entertain them. They were wrong, the stubborn old clock made a couple of rude sounds and a few minutes past the hour, the crowd slowly dissipated.

The city of Bern is listed in the UNESCO world heritage list and is only one hour from Zurich by non-stop train. The city offers a very useful
tourists information site, where you can find direct links to all of the cities hotels.




Recommended Restaurant:


Zunft zu Webern (Gerechtigkeitsgasse 68)


If you walk along the picturesque Kramgasse towards the Nydegg Bidge and the Baregraben you can stop for a delicious meal and nice atmosphere at the restaurant Zunft zu Webern. The kitchen is open through the whole day (11.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.). The restaurant provides a choice of interesting Offers of the Day, food comes in quite big portions, delicious and nicely decorated. Prices are acceptable. Here you can enjoy Swiss cuisine as well as international. Service can be not very attentive but the food makes up for this.


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