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Money in Belarus

The money used in Belarus is the Belarusian Ruble. There are no coins, the bills range from 10 BR to 100,000 BR. Use this online converter to calculate exchange with other currencies .


Because of the past weakness of Belarus money, locals got used to quoting prices in US Dollars. Nevertheless most payments are made in Belarusian Rubles.  For example a taxi driver may quote you a price for a ride to the airport at $25 and then when you arrive, pull out a calculator and show you the amount you should pay in Belarusian Rubles. Between private individuals, purchases are sometimes made in US Dollars, but transactions in foreign currencies are actually illegal.


Currency exchange booths are easy to find except in very small towns and villages. Dollars, Euros and Russian Roubles are most frequently accepted. Other currencies may be accepted at the train station.  Note that currency exchangers will ONLY accept bills that are new, unmarked and undamaged. The slightest mark or tear in a bill will cause it to be returned to you.  Also cash machines are now very commonly found in larger Belarusian cities (perhaps not in smaller villages), and this is the best way to get money.


Credit cards are becoming more common. They are accepted in larger restaurants, hotels and even some grocery stores. They may not be accepted everywhere, for example train stations and small hotels.


For importing and exporting hard currency, as this was written, the official site of the state customs committee published the following information:

* Coming into Belarus, you can bring up to $10,000 without declaration. Over $10,000 you must declare it.

* When leaving Belarus you can take out up to $3,000 without declaring it.

This can change! If you expect to be carrying a lot of money into or out of Belarus, double check this before you go.