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Belarus Visa

The types and requirements for Belarus Visas are very similar to that of Russia. There are four types: Transit Visa, Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Private Visa

Requirements for Belarus can be seen on the Belarus UK Embassy Website. Requirements change frequently, so please check with an embassy prior to application, but at the time this was written,  the requirements were as follows:


  • A valid passport with an empty page. Sometimes the passport must have a validity of 30-60 days or more
  • A photo
  • Download and complete an application form.
  • Citizens of the countries listed below will need to submit additional form.

Albania, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, China, India, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Laos, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Syria, Vietnam, Yemen and all states on the African continent (except Egypt, South Africa and Tunisia

  • Occasionally a bank statement is requested. Take it with you just in case or if submitting by mail, be prepared to fax it in
  • Occasionally proof of insurance is requested. Take it with you just in case or if submitting by mail, be prepared to fax it in
  •  An invitation as follows, by visa type

Private Visa: an invitation authorized by the ministry of affairs. This type is very difficult for everybody and is not recommended.


Tourist Visa: an invitation from a travel agent and a hotel voucher. These are the  easiest to obtain. A list of Belarusian Travel agents can be found here


Business Visa: a letter of invitation from a company registered in Belarus. If you are staying in a hotel, these are fine. If you are going to stay privately and are staying long enough that you must be registered, please note that these are more complicated to register than the tourist type. But it won't be a problem if the inviting company is ready to do the registration for you - your presence at the registration agency in this case is not necessary.


Occasionally we hear reports that original invitations are requested when applying at the Belarus embassy, but I have always submitted scans (usually PDF files) that have been sent to me by email, with no problems. Occasionally Belarus border guards have asked to see the invitation, so it is recommended that you take it with you. (The contents of this website are copyrighted by, the Europe Travel Guide).


Transit Visa: no invitation is required, however, what is required is a valid visa for the country you are traveling to via Belarus (e.g. Russia, Ukraine). If you are traveling to a country with no entry requirements, then present a copy of the ticket, or itinerary from a travel agency.  They are valid for up to 48 hours and allow an overnight stay in Belarus. However, many have reported being rejected if transit through Belarus is not required. For example, if you are in Poland and want to go to Ukraine, you will likely be rejected as you can get to Ukraine without going through Belarus. If your goal is to go to Belarus, it is highly recommended that you apply for a tourist type.


Please note that some Belarus embassies state on their websites that citizens of several countries, including EC citizens no longer need invitation for Business Visa or Private visa (no mention is made of tourist visa). However, there have been reports that embassies are still requiring invitations at this time.


A Belarus Visa can NOT be obtained at the border, except at the Minsk  Belarus airport and only if this is arranged in advance with a Belarus travel agency. The Belarus travel agency will have a representative meet you at the airport and submit an invitation and hotel voucher on your behalf. Note: take unmarked and new banknotes to pay for your Belarus visa at the airport, as they won't accept damaged banknotes.


Urgent Belarus Visas can be obtained upon payment of a surcharge and are usually ready within an hour or two. 


Use this list to find the nearest Belarusian Embassy   .



If you are staying more than 3 working days (weekends and holidays not included) you must be registered with the Belarusian foreign police. If you stay in a hotel this is done automatically by the hotel with no cost to the guest. If you are staying in a private apartment or house, you must do this yourself. This will be difficult to manage if you do not speak Russian. On occasion, boarder guards have asked for proof of registrations, which is usually a stamp in your passport or a separate piece of paper and you may be fined if you do not have proof of registration. (The contents of this website are copyrighted by


We get registered at the Regional Department of Internal Affairs (Rayonnoye Otdelenie Vnutrennih Del) . Minsk is divided into several regions such as Oktyabrski, Central, Moskovskyi and each of the regions has its own Department of Internal Affairs. You have to find out in which region you are going to live and go to the right office. Go together with the owner of the flat or the person who has the right to live there, since this person has a stamp in their passport with the address and has the right to register a guest. You can find out the region and contact information for the department by asking the person you are going to rent the flat from. Once there, you will need to do quite some paperwork in Russian, then go to a bank to pay some fees (a certain sum for stay per day, some kind of tax etc). Then you come back to the office with the receipts from the bank, your passport, and receipt showing you have medical insurance (see below for more on this topic). This process will take a minimum of two hours or more, and can be quite stressful. 

Medical insurance:

Proof of medical insurance is required. There is usually a space on the application asking about health insurance and we usually supply our normal insurnce information. However, proof of insurnce is usually requested by hotels and always requested when registering with the police. Supposedly, you can use a letter from your insurance company stating that you are covered in Belarus. However, hotels and police prefer to have local insurance bought in Belarus. Local Belarus insurance is sold at stands at the airport for under $1 per day. If you arrive by train it is not easily purchased, but some hotels do sell it. Otherwise, you can purchase it from Belgosstrakh Insurance Company. One office is located behind the Nemiga shopping center at 16 Rakovskaya St, Minsk another at 30 Nezavisimosti Ave (Former Skoriny Ave) 1st pereulok, Minsk. For a list of all offices around Belarus:


Note: A US citizen has recently reported that she was able to obtain a tourist Belarus visa in Vilnius at Kelvita Travel Agency in 24 hours. This travel agency is conveniently located in the Vilnius train station at window #30. This US citizen reported paying 330 Litas for the service.