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Top Things to Buy in Belarus

Below are some of the things we like to buy when we visit Belarus:

1. Local delicacies such as Vodka, Caviar, Chocolate, and Soviet Champagne can be purchased at less than half of the price in many Western countries. Or buy something that you can not buy in the west such as Zephyr (a type of marshmallow sweet).

2. Get a haircut! Beauty services such as hairstyling, cosmetology and spa treatments are a fraction of the cost elsewhere. On a recent visit, a good quality man’s haircut was about $5.

3 Medical Services: There is a sort of medical tourism that is developing in Belarus. Westerners are traveling to Belarus to have elective medical treatments that they can not afford in the west. While we have never done this, some of the things we experience with is buying glasses, contact lenses and having our teeth cleaned. A pair of prescription glasses cost $35 not including eye exam. Contact lenses are about $10 - $15 per pair.

4 Repair Work: Is your mobile telephone broken? Have an old laptop that needs repair? Take your broken electrical equipment to the local Remont shop and for a small fee they may be able to breathe life back into it. We have had our mobile phone repaired for about $10.

5. CDs, DVDs and Computer Software: A few years ago, this was a real bargain as there was no copyright law in Belarus. Over the past years, these have gotten more expensive, probably because fewer and fewer vendors are selling pirated materials. But they are still much less expensive than in many countries. A new CD is under $10.

6. Materials made from cotton and linen. There are specialty shops where you can buy tablecloths, placemats, napkins, bed linen and other items. Many foreigners like them because they are natural, handmade and inexpensive.

7. Souvenirs such as Matrioshkas, the little wooden dolls that have smaller and smaller dolls inside. While they originate from Russia, they can also be found in Minsk. We have never bought one, but they have been given to us as gifts.

Tell us your favorite things to buy in Belarus and if we agree, we will include them in our list