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Antayla is sometimes called the touristic capital of Turkey as it is a haven for tourists from mostly European destinations. Antalya combines beautiful sea, predictable warm summer weather, historic sites and a lovely and well preserved old town with an ancient harbor.

Legend has it that an ancient King commanded that his men find him “heaven on Earth”. After searching far and wide, they discovered the place that is now know as Antalya. The city name is derived from the King’s name Attalos and was originally known as Attaleia. The city’ name evolved to Adalia and finally Antalya.

The city of Antalya is bustling with activity. It has a very active bazaar, which tends to attract tourists with jewelery, jeans, ladies handbags, T-shirts, watches and perfumes. The sellers seemed were tried to compensate for relatively high prices with a rather aggressive multi-lingual sales approach. Every two steps we repeatedly heard “where are you from”, in English, Russian or German. While the average Turkish citizen is not multilingual, sales people at the turkish bazaars seemed to be able to speak every language possible.

The old town or Kaleiçi, is lovely. Reminiscent of Athen’s Plaka area, Kaleiçi is filled with carpet shops, antique dealers, cafes and restaurants. In contrast to the chaos of the newer part of Antalya, Kaleiçi is calm, peaceful and full of atmosphere. If you prefer to stay in the center of Antalya, rather than near the beach at the Antalya hotels/resorts, Kaleiçi would be a delightful area to stay. There are lovely hotels with reasonable prices.

Nearby Kaleiçi is the ancient harbor though very small offers charming local cafes where tourists and locals blend together. Other sites of interest in Antalya include Hadrian's Gate (the only surviving gate from the ancient walls of the city) Kesik Minare ('broken mineret' which was burnt in a fire in the 19th century) Hidirlik Kulesi (the old stone tower) and the Archeological Museum.

The larger Antalya resort hotels are located some 30 minutes from the city center to the west in Konyaalti beach and to the east in Lara beach. Access from the city to these areas is either by a rather expensive taxi ride (euro 30-50 depending on your negotiating skills) or a 30 minute bus ride. Make sure you get the direct bus. Some buses meander through the city and can take up to two hours. The airport is about 15 minutes to the east of Lara beach area.

When is the best time to travel to Antalya,Turkey?: We traveled to Antalya, Turkey from 12-26 May and found almost perfect weather. The temperatures were between 20 to 27 degrees with an average of around 24 degrees. Out of our 14 days we experienced rain twice but only for a few hours. Also one or two days were overcast, but it gave a nice break from the otherwise intense sun. May and June as well as September to mid-October are the best times to travel to Antalya as the weather is ideal and the crowds are not so intense. In July and August you can expect temperatures up to 40 degrees and very crowded hotels, since this is the period of school holidays and most Europeans take these months for their vacation time. From November to April, weather can be unpredictable and it can rain.


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 Sun (hours/day)  4  6  7  8  10  12  12  12  10  8  6  5
 Temp Noon C  14  16  18  21  24  29  35  35  31  24  20  15
 Temp Night C  6  7  8  11  16  20  23  23  19  15  11  8
 Temp Sea C  16  16  16  17  20  23  25  27  26  23  20  18
 Rainy Days  13  11  9  7  4  2  0  0  1  7  9 12